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Lucia Valle Figueiredo, born Recife, PE. Retired Judge at the 3 rd Regional Federal Court of Appeals - São Paulo - S.P. Full Professor of Administrative Law at the Catholic University Law School of São Paulo; Specialist, Master, Ph.D. and Licensed Professor of Administrative Law at the Catholic University Law School of São Paulo, Guest Professor at the School of Juridical and Social Sciences of “Santo Tomás de Aquino” - Católica de Tucumán - University - Argentina; Vice-president of the Paulista Institute of Administrative Law; Author of the books: “Course on Administrative Law” (“Curso de Direito Administrativo”); “Writ of Mandamus” (“Mandado de Segurança”); “Termination of Administrative Contracts” (“Extinção dos Contratos Administrativos”); “Bid's Discharge and Exemption” (“Dispensa e Inexigibilidade de Licitação”) (co-author with Sérgio Ferraz); “Studies of Tax Law” (“Estudos de Direito Tributário”); among others, and of dozens of articles published in technical reviews in Brazil and abroad; Joins the Council of the Brazilian Society of Public Law; Effective Collaborator for the Bulletin of Administrative Law and Bulletin of Bids and Contracts of “Editora NDJ Ltda.”; Member: Brazilian Bar Association, São Paulo Lawyers Association, Institute of Brazilian Lawyers - IAB; Brazilian Institute of Constitutional Law; Publishing Commission of the Quarterly Magazine of Public Law “Malheiros Editores”; Brazilian Academy of Juridical Literature, holding chair number 23; Advis o r y Council of the Brazilian Association of Democrat Constitu t ionalists – ABCD; Argentine an Association of Administrative Law - AADA; and Correspondent Member of the Urban and Environmental Law Section of the Institute of Administrative Law of the School of Lawyers of the Judicial Department of La Plata, Argentina. Practice: Constitucional, Administrative and Environment Law. Languages: Portuguese, English, French, Italian and Spanish.