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José Artur Lima Gonçalves, born in São Paulo, SP. Legal Education: Catholic University Law School of São Paulo.
Master and Ph.D. on Tax Law at the Catholic University Law School of São Paulo. Member of the Legislation
Committee for the American Chamber of Commerce, 1985-1995. Professor of Tax Law of Post-Graduate and
Specialization Programs at the Catholic University Law School of São Paulo. Former Professor at the São Paulo
University Law School, teaching at the University of São Paulo Economic and Business Administration School.
Program of Instruction for Lawyers, Harvard University Law School. Author of the books “Equal Protection on Tax
Law” (“Princípio da Isonomia em Matéria Tributária”) and “Income Tax - Constitutional Aspects” (“Imposto sobre a
Renda - Pressupostos Constitucionais”) and many articles published in technical reviews in Brazil and abroad.
Member of the Brazilian Bar Association; São Paulo Lawyers Association; São Paulo Lawyers Institute, IFA
(International Fiscal Association); and ABDF (Brazilian Association of Financial Law). Executive Director of the Tax
Law Review. Former Coordinator of the Business Law chapter of the Public Law Review. Practice: Tax Law,
International Banking, Corporate, Real Estate, Mergers and Acquisitions. Language: English. e-mail: